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Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Training Resources

PASafeSleep Train-the-Trainer 4-hour Program

This evidence-informed program is intended for select clinical nurses who will engage in more intensive didactic and simulation training to prepare them as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). The SMEs will be the experts to train and guide the other staff on the principles and education of safe sleep.  They will learn how to be role models at their clinical sites and provide on-going peer support.

The program focuses on:                                   

  • Evaluation of evidence-informed practice guidelines and the scientific basis and strength of recommendations for safe sleep practices

  • Evaluation of an evidenced based template of a PASafeSleep Nursing Policy

  • Preparation in surveillance of safe sleep practices at their hospital clinical site such as assessments, observations, monitoring and audits of health record documentation, and techniques and record keeping for peer review assessments and monitoring  

  • Engagement in simulation scenarios based on the REACH to Teach Health Literacy conversations approach and the 19 American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations

Before entering the program, attendees are asked to complete two on-line modules and the PASafeSleep Nursing Policy. In addition, attendees are asked to review two publications by the American Academy of Pediatrics; (AAP) (1) AAP Task Force Recommendations on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and Other Sleep-Related Infant Deaths found at and AAP SIDS and Other Sleep-Related Infant Deaths: Evidence Base for 2016 Updated Recommendations for a Safe Infant Sleeping Environment found at

Simulation Scenarios 

These scenarios are intended to provide the learner with examples of common conversations that often occur when healthcare providers are counseling their peers, patients, childcare givers and families about safe sleep practices to prevent SIDS and other sleep-related infant deaths.

Training Modules
Evidence-based, online, independent, interactive learning modules for all professional staff derived from the AAP Task Force Recommendations on SIDS and Other Sleep-Related Infant Deaths.

NICU learning Module

"Safe Sleep for Newborns  - Transition for NICU"

SMe Module

"Safe Sleep for Newborns - Subject Matter Expert Training"

Upon completion of the modules, all nurses can take a post-knowledge survey to evaluate their learning and receive continuing education hours approved by the PA State Board of Nursing.

Module 1

"Evidence-Based and Best Practices for Safe Sleep with Newborns"

Module 2

"Teaching Safe Sleep Practices to Mothers, Families and the Community"

Support Staff Module

"Safe Sleep for Newborns - Guidelines for Hospital Support Staff"

PASafeSleep Training Videos


Adoptive Parents Learn SIDS Risk Reduction Measures
Play Video

Adoptive Parents Learn SIDS Risk Reduction Measures

Addressing Safe Sleep with Teenage Mothers
Play Video

Addressing Safe Sleep with Teenage Mothers

Parents Learn Safe Sleep for Their Preterm Baby
Play Video

Parents Learn Safe Sleep for Their Preterm Baby

PSNA Contact Hour
application materials 

This Pennsylvania State Nurses Association application sample can be used as a template to apply for continuing education credits to be awarded to users upon completion of the modules.  Module 1 is eligible for 1 hour of credit and Module 2 is eligible for 0.75 hours of credit.

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