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Babies need tummy time

Safe sleep for newborn baby practices are extremely important because sleeping can be the only time your baby is completely unsupervised. While your baby is awake a supervised, tummy time is crucial for reaching key developmental milestones such as learning to crawl and moving around.


Babies need supervised awake tummy time 2-3 times every day for 3-5 minutes. At first your baby may not like tummy time. However, making small environment adjustments such as putting a favorite toy close by for your baby to reach out to will help ease the transition of going from back to stomach.


tummy time Tips

• Just because you put your baby to sleep on their back doesn't mean tummy time isn't important!


• Babies need awake tummy time  every day with an adult.


• Tummy time helps babies learn to crawl and move around.


• Some babies might not like tummy time at first. Put a toy close by for them to reach out and play with.

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